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About Chasmacart

Chasmacart was created with customers in mind, those who are looking for quality eyewear at an affordable price. It is in our DNA to understand your needs, and create innovative solutions better than anyone thought possible. Unlike most of the other internet eyewear providers, we aim to build lasting relationships with our customers.

Our Promise


We know that prices are what matters the most for many of our customers. For that reason, the Chasmacart.com team has worked hard to eliminate additional costs, saving you more on your prescription eyeglasses. Our aim is to be the most affordable online and offline retailer.


We are young professionals who understand the need to adapt to the changing trends. Thus, we offer the finest selections to meet the needs of all our customers and to continuously expand our growing inventory.


Strong, long-lasting materials are used to make your frames and lenses (saving you money in the long run). We guarantee it will come to you in the best condition. If not, it’s on us!

Speedy Delivery

Whatever shipping method you choose, our dedicated staff will ensure that your orders are processed in the allotted time.

Professional Service

At Chasmacart.com, our staff will help you through every stage of the process, from selecting the right frames or lenses to tracking your shipment. We are here to make your shopping experience hassle-free! All your questions will be answered within 24 hours.

Our Promise

Here at Chasmacart, we not only believe in rendering clear vision but we also believe in clear conscious.

We believe in ethical entrepreneurial spirit. Our number one goal is to make sure each person has a dignified lifestyle and that begins with ability to see, read and to do everyday things with ease. Our mission is to bring clear vision to as many underprivileged people as possible. Our highest priorities are kids and seniors.

In order to achieve our mission we have a simple philosophy, provide eye care – Eye Exams and eyeglasses at NO cost to people in need. In order to do so we have partnered up with many schools, senior care facilities, hospitals and other charitable Foundation & institution to identify people in need and get their eye exams done.

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